Dp Dermaceuticals MG-Collection

DP Dermaceuticals MG Collection

DP Dermaceuticals Solutions-The MG Collection is the latest Non-NEGOTIABLE when microneedling. It’s unlike any other serums used for Microneedling on the market.

Meso-Glide: The newest innovation in serums for microneedling

As the name suggests, our Meso-Glide is a serum-like formulation that helps the microneedling device move effortlessly across the skin.

Dermapen create micro-injuries on the surface of the skin. By stimulating the wound healing response, the body naturally produces more collagen and elastin. But these injuries also act as microchannels so that topical serums can penetrate deeper into the skin and effectively deliver beneficial sterile actives.

Pairing a superior device with market-leading products is crucial to providing the very best results for our patients.

The MG-Collection Range from Dp Dermaceuticals

No skin is the same, no treatment is the same, but everyone deserves the very best for their skin. 

MG-HA35+: Hydrates skin and improves the visible signs of ageing

DP-Meso glide collection

MG-HA35+ contains HylaFuse at the unprecedented strength of Hyaluronic Acid at 35 mg/ml, as well as the Calphasomes delivery system for greater absorption.

MG-HA35+ also features the revolutionary telomeres technology, with the inclusion of Geranylgeranylisopropanol (GGP) that helps prolong the life of a cell.

This hard-working Meso-Glide is fortified with antioxidants, peptides, Vitamins A, B, C, E and Zinc.

MG-HA35:Restores, refreshes and enhances the skin’s appearance

Dermapen 4 MG Collection

MG-HA35 contains HylaFuse at an unprecedented strength of Hyaluronic Acid (35 mg/ml), as well as the Calphasomes delivery system. The addition of Zinc speeds up collagen synthesis for better skin repair and works as a skin astringent to decrease natural oil production.

Vitamin B5 contributes to the natural ability to moisturise, soothe, heal and regenerate skin.

MG-BL:Brightens and lightens uneven skin tone

DP Dermaceuticals MG collection


For clients with stubborn hyperpigmented or melasma affected skin concerns, MG-BL can help reduce the appearance of unwanted Pigmentation. HylaFuse technology delivers hydration along with natural skin brighteners. Licorice Root, and Kojic Acid are both tyrosinase inhibitors that can help slow the production of melanin.

Applying pigment-sedative BriteLite and protective sunscreen is recommended to help your clients manage stubborn hyperpigmentation.

MG-CLR:Helps clear skin

DP Dermaceuticals MG Collection

Antimicrobial peptides and bio-compatible extracts combine to help clear problematic breakouts and enhance the visible complexion of skin troubled by acne, blackheads, open pores and oily skin.

The MG-CLR contains potent anti-inflammatories that have been shown to help to calm and soothe skin and reduce some common symptoms of problematic skin. Vitamin B3 also contains anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates collagen to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. 

MG-R.A.S: Helps reverse the signs of ageing and scars

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This Reverse Ageing & Scars (R.A.S.) formula contains a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts renowned for their anti-ageing and enhancing effects. The HylaFuse technology ensures the effective delivery of active ingredients.

MG-R.A.S. contains Retinaldehyde, which is considered the most active form of retinoid (Vitamin A) that does not require a prescription. MG-R.A.S. improves and regulates cellular activity to visibly reduce discoloration and fine lines, wrinkles and rough skin.