Dp Dermaceuticals - Skin Veneer 50ml



Skin Veneer provides intense moisturizing for dry to very dry skin, whilst protecting the skin against harsh environmental conditions. It contains a powerful combination of proteins, botanicals, peptides and cholesterol that replicate the skin’s natural barrier function. It works to protect your skin like a biocompatible ‘veneer’ layer, whilst providing premium hydration. Ideal for scars and stretch marks and for post-tattoo removal or application.

Key ingredients: 7 Silicone liquid sheeting system, Zinc, Silica, Beeswax.

Brand Information: DP Dermaceuticals are the only protocol skin products specifically developed to be used when performing Dermapen procedures, and for at-home use for before and after treatments to improve skin outcomes. Active ingredients include power peptides, multi-vitamins and potent antioxidants, molecularly weighted to ensure free movement of actives within the skin.

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