Dp Dermaceuticals - HylaActive 3D Sculpt. Mask (5pk)



An innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration and healing repair for a stronger and more resilient-feeling skin. Hydrates and cools for immediate relief nourishes and repairs for long-lasting comfort leaves the skin feeling revitalised smooth and awakened, softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and acne scars. Firms for a rejuvenated effect for all skin types especially aged pigmented sensitized dehydrated and problematic. Comes in a box of five masks.

Key Ingredients: 

HylaFuse Complex (Hyaluronic Acid), Zinc, Pro B5, Anti-Ageing Copper Peptides, Mineral Ore, Ferment Willow Bark.

Brand Information: DP Dermaceuticals are the only protocol skin products specifically developed to be used when performing Dermapen procedures, and for at-home use for before and after treatments to improve skin outcomes. Active ingredients include power peptides, multi-vitamins and potent antioxidants, molecularly weighted to ensure free movement of actives within the skin.


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