Why Dp Dermaceuticals are the Perfect Skin Products to Use After Microneedling

Jan 09 , 2021


arsh kaur

Why Dp Dermaceuticals are the Perfect Skin Products to Use After Microneedling

Dermapen microneedling treatment is the ultimate skin rejuvenation procedure in the market today. Dermapen, the leading provider of superior skin needling devices not only on the Australian marker but across the entire world, has completely changed the microneedling industry. With a sophisticated skin pen on hand combined with the natural and effective action of collagen induction therapy, patients are guaranteed skin renewal unlike anything they have seen before.

The creators of Dermapen recently released a skincare range that promises to support and complement the benefits of microneedling on our skin. Dp Dermaceuticals. It’s a skincare system that promises to enhance the effects of skin needling by infusing vitamins and minerals that are excellent for fast, effective and natural skin renewal.

Why should you give DP Dermaceuticals a try?

With Dp Dermaceuticals, you don’t have to guess which of your existing skincare products should be used after the procedure. The skincare range was specifically made with dermaneedling in mind. It makes use of the patented HylaFuse Complex; a blend of secret ingredients that support the overall skin function whilst ensuring optimal water retaining properties of the skin.

DP Dermaceuticals are not only limited to the use of microneedling patients before and after the procedure. If you suffer from skin ageing signs or if you have dry skin, it is highly recommended that you give Dp Dermaceuticals a try.

Here are the Top 3 Hottest Products from the Dp Dermaceuticals products

Dp Vitamin Rich Repair

For all-skin, this skincare solution will repair your skin to give it a natural glow by:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Increasing the resiliency of skin amidst exposure to pollutants

  • Helping in increasing the firmness and texture of the skin

  • “Must have” morning treatment

Retinal Active

For the ultimate Anti-Aging duo, team up with Retinal Active, for mature skin and other conditions.

  • Smooth out the appears of moderate to severe frown lines

  • Builds the appearance of plump, firmer, healthy looking skin

  • Visible improvement in scarring and acne conditions

  • “Must have” Vitamin A night treatment

DP Cover Recover

The DP Dermaceuticals Cover Recover is for patients who wish to wear makeup after treatment without harming their skin and protecting it against irritation.

This weightless, buildable cover foundation will hide all the redness and blemishes after microneedling treatment. The formulation is breathable so you don’t have to worry about pore blockage that may lead to breakouts after treatment.

This blendable foundation is not only recommended for post microneedling patients but also for those with sensitive and dry skin.

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