10 Commandments by Skin & Brows Studio

Dec 25 , 2020


arsh kaur

10 Commandments by Skin & Brows Studio

Unlike limited time and space for treatment appointments, retail sales can generate an endless source of income for your clinic. We’ve put together a few tips below on how you can help increase your product sales.

  • Believe Every Client wants to Buy

Unlike in the old days, most people don’t have time for leisurely browsing in shops (and are overwhelmed by choices), so if someone is in your clinic or store, they’re very likely interested in something you have to offer, regardless of how you may perceive them.

  • Greet Every Customer

If someone is coming in to buy something specific, they’re not likely to tell you straight away when you ask “What can I help you with today?”. It could be they don’t know, don’t want to ask straight up, or want a chance to familiarize themselves with what you have in your store first. Instead, give a warm and friendly “Hi” or “Hello” to make them feel welcome.

  •  Never ignore a customer

Some shoppers don’t want to feel pestered, but they want to know someone is there for them if they need assistance. They want to feel comfortable and engaged. After they’ve browsed a little, rather than asking what they want, you may want to ask if they’ve used any of these brands before, something they can easily answer yes or no to. You could then introduce them to a great new skin product, and ask if they’d like to test on their hand (while you explain the incredible benefits).

  •  Never make a customer wait for your attention

 Talking to another client or on the phone for a while without looking up to acknowledge a new customer is not a great move, as they may feel restless, uncertain or neglected. Even just a smile and nod can work well!

  •   Showcase the best solution rather than the cheapest

Many people don’t want the cheapest option, and you never know what someone is willing to spend to get the best results for their skin. Pick what you think will work best for them, and they’re likely to fall in love with the product and return for more

  •   Customers sometimes want a complete solution

By building rapport with a customer, you have the chance to find out what it is they’re trying to find a solution for. Is it dry skin, acne, signs of ageing? What else could help them with that issue? If they’re interested in one product and wish to purchase, you could say you also have one that’s really amazing for specifically the eye area/sun protection/extra nourishment at night if they’re interested.

  •  Have a fast and convenient purchase process

Ensure your sales process is fast to move through, so customers who may be in a rush aren’t left feeling impatient. A quick and smooth checkout with easy card payment is essential, and a paper bag (a branded one is bonus points!)

  •  Believe it’s always possible to get a sale

Keep this to the top of your mind for your clinic therapists too, even if they are “just looking”. The right approach will allow you to help a customer with a need they may not yet realize they have.

  •  Set up a loyalty programme

Motivate your customers to buy more from you with a points system, allowing loyal clients to receive gifts or discounts when they spend a certain amount. The more they spend, the more they’ll receive, and the longer you’ll keep them as a loyal customer.

  •   Never deliver less than perfect service

Focus on the customer’s wants and needs, listen to them and be aware of your competition. Without this, another company will take your customer.


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