6 Ways to Boost Product Sales in Your Clinic or Salon

Jan 09 , 2021



6 Ways to Boost Product Sales in Your Clinic or Salon

Unlike limited time and space for treatment appointments, retail sales can generate an endless source of income for your clinic. We’ve put together a few tips below on how you can help increase your product sales.


  • 1. Educate Your Team

Ensure all of your therapists have attended a training for the brands you stock. This is important in allowing them to learn about the “why” behind your incredible products, to get them excited about the brands and passionate about the products, for example, the science behind active skincare. Try a pop-quiz once a week (with a coffee prize or similar) to ensure your team are always thinking and learning about the products. Probeauty hosts regular training events, once per month in major towns and cities, so you can ensure all your staff are knowledgeable enough on your brands to sell them well. 


  • 2. Keep Your Displays on Point

First impressions count, so make sure your products are always displayed beautifully, with a tidy presentation and fully stocked shelves. A few sparse (or worse – dusty) products will give them a “bargain-bin” look of old, remaining stock. Include shelf-talkers (small, hanging plastic strips for your shelves to explain the product and the price), as these work to grab attention and entice clients to stop and read about the product. Including prices will remove the need for clients to ask, which they may feel embarrassed to do, and they may be pleasantly surprised at the cost of quality, active products compared to famous brands at department stores.


  • 3. Offer Incentives

You may already be all over this, but offering your staff incentives or bonuses based on goals and reaching a certain target is a great way to get them out of the routine of simply performing treatments, and making an effort to engage and build relationships with their clients. Be wary of offering only an incentive for the top sales employee, as this can be deflationary for those who often come last, and may not work well as motivation. Help your staff with sales techniques, and have other team members help or mentor them.


  • 4. Social and Online Marketing

Focus on increasing your Facebook and Instagram followings, as well as building up a database of emails for e-newsletters. These can be a cheap and powerful tool to communicate information and sell your products. Make sure the content is engaging by using quality imagery, tips for helping with various skin concerns, interesting information on ingredients and links to blogs, as well as promoting any deals you may have for the month. Try to post two to three times a week on social, and send one or two eDM (e-newsletters) per month. This will educate and remind your clients about why they need your products and how they can benefit from them. Visit the Probeauty Support Files for marketing support on all of our brands to help you promote them through your channels. Below is an example of the hundreds of product photos we’ve created to help promote your brands.



  • 5. Create Ambassadors for Your Products

Encourage your staff to use the products you sell by offering them as sales incentive gifts, and by giving staff a wholesale price to purchase them for themselves. This will be a cost-neutral perk for your team and will ensure your therapists fall in love with the brands. This will allow them to communicate an authentic passion for the products to your clients, and a genuine “ I use this every day myself and it has changed my skin” will work well when selling.


  • 6. Display Products at Reception

People are easily tempted to look at and purchase products at a front counter when paying and waiting, so try something with a relatively low price such as a hand cream, self-tan, cleanser or nail polish. You may instead want to do a “ feature product” with a shelf talker about how and why this product is so incredible, or display a “ monthly special” which might be a product or pack for a reduced price. This will make for easy add-ons and can help to get them hooked on a brand.

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